Monday, February 20, 2006


Purely unintentionally, I drew most of the major players from JLA one by one. Batman is new, as of today. I did Superman, too, but my old image host shot the poop so I'll have to re-post him here once I get into the office on tuesday.

*edit* I nabbed a copy of Superman from my post on the Drawing Board, so here he is with the rest of the gang:


Chrissie A said...

Nice work on these JLA pieces! I love the exaggeration of the figures and the terrific inking job you did.

Kristen McCabe said...

Wow! Those are great! I love the Wonder Woman!

I remember you from the drawingboard site. You were one of my favorite artists on the board and then you disappeared. It's good to see your stuff again!

sorry if I sound like a stalker. I'm nice, I swear! :)

z0mbi said...

haha, thanks guys. nice to see some people noticed my new blog went up.

Kristen:'s nice to be remembered. I went away because I got, I am determined to draw!

da janx said...

wow. these kick serious tale. nice characterization. you made them your own.