Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Vocal Yokel

Here's the vocalist and his backup singer:

And some color:

*edit: threw some quick colors on MONstar:


koa said...



This rules. Its like x-mas every other day. heh.

Y'know, these new drawings make me so happy cuz they remind of the the old White Zombie La-Sexorcisto album art.

mauricio salmon said...

man you have some great stuff in here, i love your women! you got some awesome line work.

WIL said...

" Dude..

you.....are.....on......a...ROLE! "

I swear to God, that's EXACTLY what I was going to say!

You rule, John!

Yasamin said...

I must say i really like your eyeballs. Out of everything, that freaks me out the most.


martin wittig said...

Man! You have been busy!! I'm sorry about lagging on the posts, this is like one of the first times i have been on the net in days! The stuff looks great though:)

spacesick said...

Holy shit-balls!!!

These are insane! And they keep getting better! I'll yell if I want to!

Anonymous said...


really like the singer.

Miras said...


Good though!

Tony said...

These are so cool!!!!!

You rock, dude

Gabriel said...

Your inking is amazing!

Kristen McCabe said...

Awesome John!! I Love coming to your Sketch Blaargh!

The eyes on the vocalist look like droopy veiny granny tits ha! ;p heh!

Anonymous said...

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