Friday, May 23, 2008

This is a drawing of my lvl1 character 'Crag' from the Age of Conan MMORPG I've been playing. He's a Cimmerian Barbarian. At the start of the game, you almost die in a shipwreck and crawl out of the sea wearing nothing but a loincloth.

I'll probably be doing more drawings of this character.


Chris White said...


I'm playing Age of Conan as well to check it out and what they did. A bunch of people at work were going to give it a go if anything out of curiosity to see how it turned out. I will be on the Zug server. Haven't made a character yet, since I picked it up around 4pm Friday before going to see Indy 4. Let me know what server your on and if it's not the same I'll make an alt on there to play.

Pedro said...

Hi John. Can I use a drawing of yours to make t-shirts for my rock band??

You can write me here:

Mike K said...

love it!-- excited to see more in this series

Anonymous said...

Korgoth! Korgaaaaaaaaaaaaawth!