Monday, March 13, 2006

Dame Drop

What's better on a Monday than a hot, sloppy, steaming pile of women? Probably a million dollars, that's what. Here are some drawings that are not a million dollars.

Look how freaky this chick is. Not only are her arms like, a foot too long, but it looks like she's desperately scratching away at thousands of crazy invisible spiders from Mars.


koa said...

Woah! Good tuesday morning graphics.

Helooooooooo Nurse! :)

More of these please? heh.

Miras said...

Did anybody told you already? I believe yes, but let me repet once again: you are talented guy!

Chrissie A said...

Gorgeous work, especially that terrific portrait!

Anonymous said...

Sexy! I love the women. Real and cartoon.

martin wittig said...

These are HOT!!! You're on fire man! and that line quality is killer!