Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I hated The Hills Have Eyes. It was nice and gory, and for a horror film it was probably above average, but I hated the characters. They were so 'blah'. So much like every other horror movie I've ever seen, which is generally the reason I hate them. the characters are always so one dimensional, and the writers never seem to adhere to their own design. They just use the character to fullfill whatever role needs filling, with no regard for what a character like that would actually be like in real life. For example, in 'THHE', the father character was an ex-cop, detective, Republican, and a gun nut, who loves 'roughing it' in 'the wild'. So what happens when the mutants come after him? He nearly wets himself, runs around screaming, and shoots his gun wildly at shadows in the dark. Then they grab him and beat his head in. Yeah, right. I could keep going on, but i've got to go! Later.

Wanted to color this one, but I ain't got the time. Perhaps tonight or tomorrow. For now, here's the linework.


Dave Johnson said...

Man, that is really nice work. The stitching, the bolts, the veins on his arms. Overall a really nice piece.

Might I ask what you use to ink? Is that Illustrator?

martin wittig said...

I'm sorry about the movie. I rarely go to see horror movies anymore because most of them are so bad.Anyway, This picture is great! I can't wait to see him colored.

z0mbi said...

Dave: I ink in photoshop. Thanks for the comments!

Martin: It certainly wasn't the worst horror movie I've seen. In fact, it was pretty high up on the list. It's just that the horror movie genre is so polluted with crap, even the good movies aren't anywhere near as good as they should be. They're just good by association.

Alina Chau said...

another fun and coool piece!

Darryl Young said...

Love it!