Friday, March 17, 2006

Spot the trend?

So....yeah. Here's another one! I guess three makes it an official series. I've been posting these up in the Redheads thread on the Drawing Board...but I've been drawing them because I really need to keep studying the figure. As my Mom pointed out, I'm better off not drawing attention to the flaws in my artwork, however, I can still see them regardless and they bother me. The only way to get rid of them is to keep drawing!


Jay D Smith said...

great stuff you got here!!

martin wittig said...

I'm loving these girl drawings of yours!

Vanoni! said...

Terrific stuff on this blog, John.

I know what you mean about pointing out flaws - once you point something out, that's all viewers want to talk about - but I got to a point where I thought, "what am I trying to hide? either my stuff appeals to a wide audience or it doesn't. Either way, they're probably right!" :)

These are all great - despite the fact you're trying to improve - which is also great!

– Corbett

Eric Vanic said...

im diggin your work, i like the faces on some of these girls

Anonymous said...

Love her tan lines....wish I had her figure!